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PLACE-HOLDER: In The Building - Issue: 0


Image of PLACE-HOLDER: In The Building - Issue: 0

For this, our inaugural issue, we started IN THE BUILDING, by exposing that which is otherwise unseen, asking architecture students to share their sketchbooks, failed inventions, expressed conceptions about new kinds of practices and called for new readings of architouring. We talked to an intruder about sincerely playing ‘the creative student’, looked at the lives of important landmarks in Toronto through memories, media and politics, and interviewed practitioners about the geneses and expression of their work.

Contributors: Luke Drayton, Burton Hamfelt, Sheraz Kahn, Marcin Kedzior, Paul Kozak, Leon Lai, Andrew Lee, Anita Matusevics, Anis Sobhani, Caitlin Tobiasz, Daniel Voshart